FarmFLiX - Digital Gift - 3 Months

FarmFLiX - Digital Gift - 3 Months

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3 Month Code for FarmFLiX access (ideal gift for someone who you know that loves agriculture but just won't spend the money on themselves!)

  • Easy online activation 24/7 at
  • Usage begins from date of activation (eg Christmas Day)
  • No expiry or use by date
  • Unlimited access to all videos (no restrictions)
  • Can be used on new or existing FarmFLiX accounts

What is FarmFLiX?

FarmFLiX is the future of farming videos.  If you were looking for a DVD gift then look no further - our members get exclusive access to hours of agricultural documentaries and quality HD entertainment, way better than any discs you can find.  This awesome library of episodes is ready to watch right now on any internet connected device and there's definitely something for everyone (yes we have lots of silage making videos but there's so much more with the AgLife & Stockyards series for the farmers who aren't as mad about the machinery!)

Where's the big bonus?  We don't just rely on our current archive, we add a new episode every week! So this is the gift that keeps on giving as you're forward buying the awesome content we've not published yet.

What do you get?

3 months of UNLIMITED access to all our videos and we can send you a printable version for gift presentation if you need it

Membership FAQ:

  • How do I use this gift to upgrade to full membership? Simple - just follow the instructions at
  • When do I get my Membership Code? We'll email your code to you.